Storage Buildings


2 x 4 Floor Joist with 3/4″ CDX Plywood Flooring & 4 x 4 Treated Runners - Leveling Will Be An Extra Charge


2 x 4 Studs Placed 16″ OC - 30 yr Treated Trim & Door Frames


Trusses Place 24″ OC - 7/16″ OSB Roof Sheathing - 25 Year Shingles


Door Handle with Lock & Key - Door Width: 5 ft on All 8 ft Wide Buildings; 6 ft On All Other Sizes

Standard Items

*Traditional Series paint is included on pre-built models.. Images may be shown with upgrades.

The Jamestown

The Jamestown style building offers a great storage solution & value. It fits harmoniously in smaller yards without being too overwhelming.

Run-In Shed

Our Run-In sheds make the perfect place to keep your livestock safe and out of the elements and are portable to offer flexibility as your needs may change over time.


Our Ponderosa is a popular choice for maximum storage space. The gambrel-style roof makes lofts a great addition for overhead storage.

The Summit

The Summit has endless possibilities. It will provide a secure dry place to protect your valuables or create your dream workshop.

Chicken Coop

The perfect addition to any backyard, this chicken coop will keep your feathered friends safe from predators and the elements while giving them enough space to roam freely.

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