About Our Company

a tradition of quality, honesty, & excellence

We offer quality and honesty, two things that have brought us to where we are now. Dutch Barn Builders challenges you to find a better quality building at a better price!

Our History

Dutch Barn Builders has been in business since 1975, making us not only the first barn building industry in Ohio but also giving us the leading edge in quality craftsmanship!

Our business began in the small town of Hartville, Ohio, and has since expanded and moved to Cambridge, Ohio. We have a network of dealers and display lots throughout Ohio and West Virginia. We offer not only Storage Barns but also Weekend Cabins, Garages, Playhouses, Lawn furniture, and Carolina Carports! Dutch Barn Builders has never encountered a job too large or too small. We offer our customers the widest selection of building styles, flooring, siding, roofing, and many other options. You, as the customer, have the privilege of customizing your building to serve your needs best.

Our Core Values

Trustworthy Craftmanship

Consistently doing the right things to exceed expectations in a reliable and punctual manner is the heart of Dutch Barn Builders’ trustworthy craftsmanship

Respectful Relationships

Respectful relationships built on trust, integrity, and humility are the backbone of Dutch Barn Builders business philosophy.

Excellence Driven

Dutch Barn Builders focuses on being excellence driven with an emphasis on providing a positive, fulfilling, and profitable team environment.

Accessible Clarity

Dutch Barn Builders believes in accessible clarity for all employees, customers and business relationships as an integral part of setting and meeting expectations.

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